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Here you will find some of the many testimonials from some of my clients. The clients mentioned below have agreed that we share their testimonials. However, most of my clients prefer to remain anonymous and we fully respect their privacy.


Remember that if you hire my services, your information will be kept completely confidential.

rentar un sicario en colombia o brasil

Hayden Alvarado
Bogota Colombia

In 2019 I made the biggest mistake of my life when I decided to rent my house in Morocco to this old English lady without signing a rental agreement.


​After paying the first month's rent, she decided that she was not going to pay me rent anymore and told me that she was not going to leave my house. She told me clearly: “This is my house, not yours!!!”


I went to court to try to get my property back, but she filed a police report for fraud against me. He told the prosecutor that he bought the house from me and that I refused to give him a contract of sale.


I did everything I could to get her out of my house but it was almost impossible to get it done in time."

sicario profesional mexico

Gilbert Peres
Fortaleza, Brazil

I want to share my experience with Don Pepe. Two years ago, I made a mistake opening a business with a trusted friend, but my life completely changed for the worse.


We agreed that we would share the profits half and half, but he never kept his promise and ended up keeping all the profits for herself.


Also, he wrote something nasty about me on Facebook that ruined my reputation.


Unfortunately, I couldn't go on living knowing what he did to me and I even thought about killing myself. On one occasion, I even ended up in the hospital because I was suffering from depression.


He got the job done right and fast. Now everything is back to normal in my life.”

pistolero y sicario en moto

Raul Santos
Trujillo, Peru

“When my father died in 2014, I inherited a piece of land outside the city of Trujillo.


Unfortunately that's when my problems started with my older brother who tried to take the land from me using holes with the law.


After fighting with him in court and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel.


Now my life is back to normal thanks to your hard work and dedication to help me."

mujer mexicana

Silvia Betancourt
Puebla, Mexico

“I really recommend the services of Don Pepe. I used to work for a company and the manager was a pain in the ass and on top of that instead of promoting me he promoted another girl who seemed to have a crush on her.

​The problem was that he treated me badly every day and I could not stand to see the two of them always going out together after our night shift.

​Thank God my life changed completely with the help of Don Pepe. Without him, I don't know what I would have done, as I was going completely crazy.

I would definitely contact them again if I have a problem with another person that ruins your life.”

pistolero mexico colombia

Claudio Zimmerman
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I cannot say much but all I can say is that I used to work as a personal assistant for a minister here in Argentina.


There was a woman who had information about that minister that was extremely libelous.


That minister asked me to secretly contact a hit man to find a solution to save his reputation before it is too late.





Thanks to Don Pepe and his team for all their help.

rentar un asesino

Mariana Zapata
San Salvador, El Salvador

“Don Pepe really saved my life. My ex-husband was extremely jealous and even mentally disturbed.


He was always trying to get custody of my children just because he was jealous that I was in a new relationship. He kept making my life so miserable.



​I highly recommend Don Pepe and his team.”

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