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I am Don Pepe, the founder of In recent years I was working for the Jalisco New Generation Group as a professional security consultant but before that I worked for CBC for more than 8 years as an International Security Expert.


Additionally, I served with the CBC of the Special Operations Branches from 2008 to 2011. My duties included overseeing the operational activity of over 615 customer service representatives.


Due to my vast experience, when someone is looking for how to hire a security expert, they always contact me quickly as I am the best candidate when it comes to security matters. According to Google search statistics, when someone searches the Internet for the words How to Hire a security expert, my website appears first, as even Google has approved this security service portal.




As part of my work experience, I also served for over 26 months in Barbados as a law enforcement officer in the British Consulate during Operation Enduring Freedom.


Most recently, between 2018 and 2021, I did an 18 month tour as a Law Enforcement Advisor at the NATO Joint International Command in Mexico and Colombia. I have a lot of experience working on projects and special assignments where I always have to use the best of my knowledge to be successful in everything I do professionally.


That is why I am well known as someone you can trust to help you achieve what you want. When I served in Mexico and Colombia, along with my team of security experts, we were able to deter more than 85 threats by dealing with local security consultants and advisors.


Our work resulted in more than 112 trained staff to serve the elite population in a better way. The numbers speak for themselves and that is why I am considered by many high level law enforcement officers to be the most precise security expert in the world.


All these efforts come with a great reward. Due to my hard work and dedication, the head of CBS, Catherine De Dupont, awarded me a medal of honor on December 18, 2021.

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