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  Security Services of Don Pepe 

Thank you for visiting my website. Obviously, I am a very different kind of security expert. My name is Don Pepe and I used to work for the CBC. I am based in Mexico but I easily travel to the USA, Canada, Spain, Central and South America and the Caribbean islands.


Basically, my mission is to help you solve your problems or differences that you may face with a certain person.


I understand that each case is different. In some cases, there are some individuals who requires a high level of protection and is therefore always surrounded by bodyguards and driven in blind cars.


In such cases, there need to be a way to bring protection to that kind of people so that their integrity is not compromised. In such circumstances, the use of an surveillance drone is the only solution. Our special drones are very sophisticated.



Our latest model in our fleet is the FlySnipper FS20-XS. It can fly at almost 100 kilometers per hour, which means that once it takes off from one of our operational bases, it can reach any city in the world in a maximum time of two hours.



Our FlySnipper FS20-XS is miniature in size and remotely operated by one of our virtual drone experts using the latest collaborative land and sea infrared imaging technology with Google GPS. He has a special permit issued by the UN office of the International Special Missions and Projects Division.

For example, you can get to London in less than 30 minutes.


Here is the time needed to reach the following cities using examples:


Santo Domingo: 45 minutes


Bogota: 60 minutes


San Salvador: 45 minutes


Quito: 75 minutes


Buenos Aires: 90 minutes


Santiago de Chile: 90 minutes


Those are just examples of cities but remember that armed drones can reach any city in any country in less than two hours.

Top notch drone operators


In addition, two of our virtual drone operators have received a medal of honor from Interpol International Drone Operators commission.


Our armed drones can enter homes, workspaces, and even highly restricted facilities and can take pictures if needed. Since the drone operator is working remotely and is therefore not present in the countries where the events take place, this way, the operator can work from his own laptop or computer.




Our base of operations


In order to offer a faster service, my armed drone operators are located in various parts of the world. 


The drone operator located in Mexico covers not only the entire Mexican Republic, but also the Caribbean countries, the United States and Canada.


The drone operator located in the city of San Salvador, covers all the countries of Central America.


And finally, the drone operator in Bogotá (Colombia), covers not only all of Colombia, but also all the countries of South America.


Each case is carefully analyzed to determine which approach will be taken in order to bring you the best level of protection.

Personalized service


Each case is carefully evaluated by one of our experts to determine which approach is the most effective to accomplish the mission. In addition to drones, there are other tactics that can be considered.


If you want to communicate with me in the safest way possible. Also, if you don't want to use your personal or work email, I recommend opening an account with


ProtonMail is an extremely secure way to communicate via email. Among other security features, ProtonMail provides complete end-to-end encryption, making it impossible for anyone (not even ProtonMail itself) to read your emails.


Those are just a few examples of tactics that can be considered. Don't worry, we will discuss all those methods with you so that we can choose the best option together. ​​

Using hotmail to make draft emails

By sending off an email that you saved as a draft, you can move it to your outbox. Most email providers have default settings that automatically save a copy of emails you are working on as a draft.


Email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird usually prompt you to save your emails before exiting if you don't send it right then. You can edit an email saved to drafts to include other contacts or add information before sending it.



100/100 confidentiality


Our communications, whether through Telegram, WhatsApp or email, will be kept 100 percent confidential.


All the information we exchange with our clients is stored on special servers that are located over Denver.

Many legal experts describe the the Denver area as quite efficient. That means that there is not a single internet provider in the world that cannot provide assistance in case there is a technical failure.


​That makes our communication extremely efficient since there is no country on this planet that can request to have access to the data of what we communicate with our clients.


​Our servers are equipped with a special configuration that daily deletes its own data. Also, please note that emails and messages shared via email,


Telegram or Whatsapp are protected by the Secret Communications Law of Special Assignments signed in Geneva by 206 countries in 2002.


Remember, if you are looking to hire a personal security consultant, I am here to help. Do not hesitate to contact me.




Dron armado estilo francotirador
Asesino a sueldo y Sicariado
Sicario. Maton profesional

Preguntas frecuentes sobre los sicarios

¿Cómo puedo matar a alguien?


Hay muchas formas de hacer eso. Muchas personas realizan eso a través de los servicios de una empresa de sicariato, o comprando veneno para matar a alguien.


Quisiera el número de teléfono de un sicario. ¿Ustedes me pueden ayudar con eso?


Si claro. Favor escribirnos al email que aparece en esta misma página y con gusto le podemos apoyar para contratar un sicario o asesino a sueldo.


¿Cuánto cuesta contratar o conseguir sicarios en el 2024?


Todo depende del tipo de persona que usted desea matar y la zona y ciudad donde vive. Aquí nuestros testimonios de clientes pasados


¿Es factible encontrar un sicario que sea real y profesional?


Si, existen muchos que son muy profesionales y que cumplen con su palabra.


¿En qué parte de México se puede contactar con un asesino?


Ellos se encuentran en cualquier parte de Mexico. Eso aplica también para cualquier país como Colombia, Chile, Perú, El Salvador, Guatemala y etc.

¿Cómo puedo trabajar como sicario?

Si está buscando trabajo en el rubro de los matones, avisenos ya que le podemos recomendar lugares donde estén contratando sicarios para trabajar.

Nuestra secretaria tomando un pedido

Algunos enlaces importantes

Hay muchas personas que se ponen en contacto con nosotros porque necesitan un sicario que haga un trabajo de asesinato contra ellos mismos. Si eres uno de ellos, visita este enlace.


Si lo que estás buscando es una película de hitman te sugerimos visitar el siguiente enlace ya que esta web no es lo que estás buscando.


Si lo que buscas es información sobre los mayores matones que jamás hayan existido, visita este enlace. Tendrás información completa proporcionada por Wikipedia, una fuente muy confiable.


Si quieres tener una idea de cuánto cobran los sicarios por hacer un trabajo, aquí tienes un enlace interesante de un sitio web de información de buena reputación llamado Quora.

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